Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Robert Hart, SA Group Enterprises’ Chief Executive Officer, has qualifications in business management, electronics engineering and disability employment. He has over 25 years’ experience in executive management, including strategic planning, project planning, and financial management.

Robert originally began his career in the electronics industry where he worked for 10 years before becoming involved in establishing Australia’s first successful social enterprises. Called Qualitec it was joint venture between Macquarie University and the University of Oregon to employ people with server to profound disability in electronics manufacturing.

In 1996 Robert moved to South Australia to join SA Group Enterprises. Since then, he has been instrumental in growing a small organisation of 30 people to an organisation that now employs over 140 people in a diverse group of socially and environmentally responsible businesses and services.

Robert Hart, CEO, SA Group Enterprises Inc

Robert Hart, CEO
SA Group Enterprises Incorporated

Phone: 08 7325 0020
Facsimile: 08 8351 8350